I seldom pack my clothes for a planned getaway or long vacation.  So when a chance is there to knock my door, I often grab it of course and make sure I have all the travel essentials I need to make the most out of that opportunity.

But the most important thing to me which I’m sure will make the entire vacation worthless if I forget to bring it is the camera. I don’t have the best one for it either but something that is functioning and take good enough pictures will work just as fine for me.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put up this page for convenience purposes. Like what I’ve said I seldom go to places and each time I do I try to document it somewhere I could make easy access of them since I know they won’t last at the home page of my blogs.

I have here links of my previous posts with bunch of  photos about our SUMMER getaway in Camiguin Island (Philippines) in May 2010. Feel free to browse each link and enjoy the trip! 🙂

pics, pics and more pics

oh and here’s more!!!


Hmm… I really should get that proposed  Travel Blog up one of these days. Good luck to me 😉

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