Better Keep What You Don’t Need than Need what You Don’t Have

Typhoon, hurricane, flash floods and earthquake – these are natural disasters that could turn into an emergency to our perfectly ordinary day. It can be about that quick. They don’t call in advance and notify us ahead where and when exactly they are coming.

That’s why keeping an emergency survival kit within easy reach is a must for each household. It is sure better to keep what we don’t need than need what we don’t have in the event of disasters. Those survival kits might just one day save your life or that of your loved ones. So think ahead… think of all the possible things a usual day can bring! Think of getting an emergency survival kit now. You don’t know when you may need it. And how badly!

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Purple Craze

Throwback: I got these two nice purple clothes (L: a women’s jersey sleep wear R: lacey top) from a friend some years ago. They’re gifts. Both has become my favorite since, but then of course I wanted them to stay longer in my closet so I don’t have to wash and wear time and again.

Also along with these purple clothes are some purple signature items from BBW – Black Raspberry Vanilla shower gel, perfume, hand and body lotion. I love how they smell just about right and easy to my sensitive nostrils. The rest smells mango obviously and they’re just as good.

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That’s my Kate!

We parents always have dreams for our children. There was one time that I almost got tempted to buy my Kate a piano because I noticed she likes to sing and thought seeing her playing her favorite Disney and fairytale songs using a piano would be a dream come true for me. But I guess that piano wasn’t really mean for us to have back then.

She had grown and along with that progress comes the dawn of her interest in physical activities. She likes throwing her body up into the air and other times her acrobatic moves just stuns me. I told myself if she were a boy I could have bought maybe a set of roller blade but she’s not so I just thought of buying her a DVD for basic Acrobatic lessons maybe one of these days. Although I still want her to learn how to play piano. I noticed she still has a heart for music and that I wanted her to improve as long as she wants to.

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