Throwback Tuesday: Tita Wanna Be

My 3-year old niece MJ used to sleep with me in my room pretty much every night since they (my sister and her family) moved in to my house a couple months ago. She is such a little sweetheart to me although sometimes she has a child temper too especially when in a bad mood. But most of the time she’s sweet, keen and has a very sharp mind.

And her favorite past time activity…? Not playing dolls nor with any other children’s toys but … to do mimicry, lol!

Yes, she loves to mimic everyone around. She loves to mimic her school teacher a lot but guess who’s the most influential among them all? Of course, no other than the “TITA” herself!

Like I usually do, I took a bath one night so I left her all by herself in my room. “Tita won’t take long”, is what told her and she nodded to agree. She was laying in bed like she’s ready to doze when I left her. When I came back after a while, I tried not to make a sound by slowly opening the door thinking that she already had gone to sleep… but I was so surprisingly wrong! Look at what she did?

She turned her head toward where I was and threw a smile so I smiled back and pretended I don’t mind her sitting on my chair, dragging my mouse as if she knows what she’s doing, staring at the monitor while wearing my glasses… hahaha. Smarty kid! Anyway, while she thinks Tita don’t care, I discreetly grab my camera and carefully stole some shots that she wasn’t aware of at all. I just find her so adorable acting that way.

Finally I asked her to pose for a close up shot… Here it is…

… with all the sweetest smile! A smile that was enough to melt Tita’s heart. I then sent her to la-la-la land after a short while…

Originally posted in November 2008

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School Keepsake Book: To Keep Memories of your Child’s First Years in School

Unlike the olden time parents especially mothers of today’s generation are undeniably more sophisticated when it comes to their children and family keepsake preservation. There are still those who use the conventional photo albums we can get from the department stores however modern mothers of today prefers the customized and artistic albums – they call it scrapbook. Some do it by themselves while others simply get it from special craft stores they know. The prices vary of course depending on the materials used and the quality of the finish product.

If you are skilled enough you can actually create as many books as you can with different themes and subjects. If not, let Posylane do it for you. Posylane is an online boutique known for their unique gift ideas that you can personalize. Among their popular items are monogrammed tumblers, backpacks, lunch totes, penny laine baby book and now this school keepsake book.

This keepsake book in particular measures 8-1/2″ x 9″ x 1. It has pre-printed age appropriate pages, contains photo sleeve pages for 20 4″x6″ photos and two pockets for other memorabilia. It makes a best gift for young children from preschoolers, kindergarten and graders.

Here in the blogosphere however, I’ve also seen lots of mother especially stay at home moms who are into this digital scrapbooking thing and blog about it. Most of them use their family for a subject of course. And when it’s time for them to sport their creations through their posts, I just can’t help but to feel envy. They are simply impressive and how I wish I have the same skills too like they do. I did some research about it and had few attempts but nothing happened. I just can’t seem to do it right. I’m not giving up though till I can make it one day.

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Better Grades Through Breakfast

 photo royalty-free-breakfast-clipart-illustration-1054434_zps452a840c.jpg

Not only should breakfast be the top priority for parents and children; it ranks with making sure children finished their homework. Kids who eat regular breakfast have been shown to get higher grades, and are less likely to be depressed, anxious, fidgety, or irritable at school. To make sure children have time for breakfast, families should organize school papers and clothing the night before, or wake up a bit earlier. Considering the benefits on children’s learning potential and lifelong eating habits, it’s worth the effort.

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