Things that Matter

When I was younger, I used to dream of working in a big company in a corporate world where I get to work in an office. I used to dream of wearing an office uniform.  It’s as if you’re looked up to by people when you’re in a corporate uniform.

I did.

To have been able to work in a prestigious, people-dreamed of sophisticated car company was indeed a dream come true. I worked as an Admin assistant and my position was envied by many. I get to go to neat places, towering hotels, converse and  dine with people over a table covered with printed burlap premier table linens. I’d say it was a luxurious experience. The only thing I didn’t realize would shatter my dream right off then was the unhealthy working environment. Unhealthy in the sense that people are not happy at what they are doing or perhaps they are not happy right where they are at that time. Of course it wasn’t part of the company’s prestige.

Teaching on the other hand, is a totally different thing. It’s not in my dream but doing still the job up to this writing, I couldn’t long for more. I started as the admin assistant and enjoyed the privilege of getting to know a lot of good  people over conferences and workshops while enhancing my professional growth. At present I am still doing the same job and teaching at the same time and this is my humble place at work.

 photo c1095c87-5d40-434c-801f-96b2f485b0a4_zpsly7xdycx.jpg

I’ll be in my fourth year in this job soon and eventually I’ve come to realize that this is what I really want to do. I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I would like to be. I’m happy and contented at where I’m at and think that’s all that matters.

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A Perfect Stress Reliever

A perfect stress-reliever.” That is how I described this photo when I first posted it on Facebook some months ago.

 photo c3669f73-7772-42bb-ac78-f70152c789c1_zpsbozzhosu.jpg

The post was liked by many. A lot of my friends wondered and some even thought she’s mine. Well, she was. But only at that moment. Her name is Jolie, my adorable niece and right now she’s miles away from me. She’s a year old  now and I’m looking forward to seeing her again this summer.

I had this photo along with many others with her and her older sister printed out and compiled. So every time they visit especially during summer if not Christmas season, they will have something to look at and somehow look back… and perhaps laugh at…. when they get a bit older.

It’s a different feeling indeed when you’re with a baby. They have this magic that turn things light especially when they show off some giggles, pose some grin and of course when sleeping soundly as this. But when they’re under stress, it’s a different story. 😀



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Everything Happens for a Reason

For the first time I have shared my computer to someone who was a complete stranger to me. Below is a screenshot of my screen earlier. It’s a speed test site which I didn’t open myself but by someone whom I have only known a while ago and through Skype direct from Hongkong.

 photo speedtest_zpsfmokivua.png

Nothing harm done, though. The lady on the other end simply did a technical check as part of the hiring process in relation to my application as an online English language teacher. It took her almost an hour to finish the checking. So, while waiting, I also took advantage of the time looking for audio technica headphones as it is one of the requirements when hired. However, my internet connection speed didn’t make it through the test. I was then  told that only DSL connections can get through.

I felt a bit sad over the fact that I can never get such type of connection from around here but on the other hand, I’m happy because I made it that far. I passed the initial phone interview as well as the language interview via Skype. If not for the technical side, I would have won the position.

Oh well… everything happens for a reason.

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