New Year Steal

Having two teens to raise and extended families to extend financial help to, I’d rather be more practical in my spending. But it’s not bad as well to bend the rules once in a while especially if you find something you can consider a great steal and not to mention the holiday season. That is the case when I got these two adorable looking character magic pillows at indeed a reasonable price of P99. I called it a New Year steal.

 photo 12417840_10204115215358888_4213840248975807748_n_zps08bbcs0d.jpg

I am not really fond of buying something I don’t need at home. I’m not big on the above characters either but I simply find it too cute to slip my hand, what can I say? I didn’t imagine D1 and D2 would want it because for all I know they have switched preferences since teenage years dawned on them. Would you believe I was wrong…? Because the moment they saw it they wanted to take it home with them. So, yea… maybe that was the reason why I got tempted to buy these stuff.

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My Turn to be Merry this Holiday Season

Everybody deserves to be merry this Christmas season. My Santa thought I’d be a whole lot happier if he got me these…

 photo 11138489_10204008849819816_3966383416830727160_n_zps89v1gx5f.jpg

Yes, I have been wanting this office table with  undermount drawer slides and a chair to sit on comfortably because I thought it would motivate me to continue blogging even now that I am working full time as a professional teacher.

Teaching is undeniably a very tiring job and all I wanted to do each time I get home from work is to lock myself in my bedroom though I have this guilty feeling sometimes when I think of my lonely sites.

When I spotted this “furniture holiday sale” in one of the nearby malls, I looked around and thought of getting myself an office table. Just barely a week after, my Santa brought me back to the mall to finally grant my wish. It was indeed an awesome surprise. I couldn’t be any happier.

I have been buying gifts and party essentials for the kids. This time it’s my turn to merry.

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Likers Gonna Like

It’s another “just us” moment for the three of us – my girls and I. The other is not on pic.

We spent one November weekend in a nearby shopping mall to hang out and to look for something interesting for ourselves. And then D1 and I found this branded statement shirt on sale.

 photo 12190100_10203825330551949_1173705885296440025_n_zpstldpme4q.jpg

She saw it first but didn’t display that much interest to it. When I asked for a bigger size and decided to get it for myself, that’s when she said she would like to have it too. The shirt is also available in purple. Thought she would have a change of mind when it was showed to her but I was wrong so we end both end up having the same color in which we didn’t mind. In fact, I find it adorable looking at us wearing the same shirt.

The text reads: “Likers Gonna Like” and indeed when I posted this pic on my Facebook wall it was liked by many.

D2 on the other hand, got herself a different shirt but of the same brand. Then we culminate our bonding together with a hearty meal in a famous Pinoy Restaurant before we drove home.


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