Christmas 2016 and the Happy Souls

The time has come and the wait is over. It’s Christmas once again and while wishing everyone around the world a Merry Christmas, the random photos below expresses how it went on our side and how much delight this most wonderful time of the year brought to our family.

Reality check: With most members of the family being kids, it is almost impossible to wait up as late as twelve midnight to touch the food on the table so we had our Christmas Eve feast about two hours earlier.

 photo fam2_zpszsev7ppf.jpg

I took so much delight on preparing almost everything that’s on our table tonight.

 photo us_zpsidbhmfaq.png

Then on to the opening of gifts shortly after…

 photo gift2_zpswdjtvjaq.jpg
 photo christmas2_zpsrvnxv9bi.png

The reason why I find gladness in wrapping gifts each year is explained on this post.

If there’s one happiest person present at this time, it’s no other than me. Seeing these kids wearing big grins as they unpack their presents simply doubled my joy. Truly, Christmas is for kids and the kids-at-heart.

A very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, from my family to yours!


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Give Your Kid the Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

How often have you bought your kid that one toy they just had to have only to find that less than a week later it holds absolutely no interest for your child? The toy likely ended up discarded in a pile, taking up space, no longer played with. I know you’ve been there and done that.

So this holiday season, why not give your child a gift that last a lifetime?

As a Mom, giving your child the opportunity to learn a new language is a present that gives your kid an edge in life, builds valuable skills, and is something that will be with them forever.

Starting at young age is important. And Muzzy is the ideal vehicle to send your child down the path of learning a new language. Developed by the BBC, the Muzzy system has introduced millions of children worldwide another language. Muzzy uses animated videos featuring a host of fun characters in order to convey its language lessons. The end result provides children with a lot advantages.

As a Mom, you want your children to have:

Better communication skills by being exposed to multiple languages and be more effective at communicating ideas. Bilingual kids are better at reasoning their way through complex ideas and then expressing them in a clear manner.

Develop skills that translate to other subjects including math and reading. Children that know multiple languages are more successful at math than children who speak just one language. Their reading skills also develop quicker than those of their monolingual counterparts.

Be more culturally aware by understanding other societies through language and see that the world is interconnected.

Show improved cognitive flexibility thus allowing them to go with the flow and be well-adjusted.

Display Enhanced creativity because shifting from language to language gives children the capacity to use information in new and different ways.

Improved memory by learning to retain more information.

Sharpen listening skills, which results in being able to follow directions and complete tasks in a more timely and accurate way.

This is the ultimate gift for your child.

Get Your Child Started With MUZZY Today… $1 For 30 Days! Click here for more information about MuzzyBBC!

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All Wrapped and Up for Grab

Christmas is a season of giving and merry-making. While it’s a time to wait, it is also a time to make someone’s patience stretched, especially the kids. LOL!

So I’ve got it all wrapped up and told the kids to be nice because Santa is soon to come. 😀

 photo fc88feaa-feeb-4b1f-8e1c-c176433717d2_zpsvqb7dxro.jpg

I have no tree installed this year so I’ve just gathered it all on the table, each with the recipient’s name and while letting the kids see it they had to wait and count the days left until it’s time to grab one. Gifts are normally given on Christmas Eve, making everyone awake to welcome and celebrate Christmas together.

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”

We do have different practices and unique ways of giving back what we have received each year. Often, it is through sharing and it has been my joy to give especially during the holiday season knowing that I could actually make someone happy even just for a moment.

There’s nothing like giving without counting the cost so this personal practice of mine – wrapping gifts for the family and some friends every December shall go on while I can.

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