Congratulations to Our Dear Graduate this Year

It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities ~ Albus Dumbledore

It is graduation and recognition month once again. It is when parents, guardians, friends, teachers and administrators gather in one setting to celebrate achievements of learners. This year, I do not only join the graduates as the member of a school faculty but as a proud “tita” (aunt) of one of the graduates of the S.Y. 2016-2017 as well.

My lovely niece, Jam with her mom and younger brother…these guys were just the proudest.

 photo IMG_20170327_103724_zpsdhqacye9.jpg

She just graduated in elementary and will soon embrace the high school life. It’ll be a totally different thing with new experiences and challenges. How she is going to spend it is entirely up to her. For now as her family, all we wanted her to do is to simply enjoy and feel the summer heat along with her cousins and friends. She deserves a break like everybody does.

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Teen Mom’s Kailyn Lowry Is Pregnant

Get ready for baby number three! Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with baby number three. The news was confirmed by Kailyn on her blog on Friday, February 24, after tabloids had been reporting that it was suspected that she was pregnant. Kailyn is already mom to Issac, 7, with ex Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 3, with her ex-husband Javi Marroquin. “I am pregnant”, the 24 year old posted on her website Friday morning. “I’m sad that I should have known that people in my life would sell me out before I was ready.” she continued.

Apparently knowing that she would be bombarded with questions from Teen Mom fans, Kailyn explained a little more about her situation and answered the questions that she knew would be on everyone’s minds. “Jo has been aware of things for awhile now. He was one of the first to know because we can have adult conversations about things while he respectfully gives his opinions”. She revealed. However, when it comes to Javi, Kailyn revealed that she “never got to have a conversation” with Javi about the pregnancy. This leaves Teen Mom fans reeling, wondering who the father of Kailyn’s new baby could possibly be. On the subject of whether she is having a boy or a girl, Lowry shared that while she is halfway through her pregnancy, she has decided to wait until summer to find out the baby’s gender. 

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What’s a quality family time mean to you?

“Being a family means you are a part of something wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life no matter what.”

 photo 16265614_10206524474708866_3347614273746096462_n_zps9tqzhipm.jpg

My family and I on a lunch date.

Occasion? There’s none!

Sometimes we get too busy with work and priorities in life that we unconsciously lose track with the most important people in our lives – our family. Even weekends are spent with something else at times. We do work overtime, we go out with friends, we go shopping, we eat out, we watch movies and the rest of the day is spent with ourselves – alone – in our room…socializing with friends online, checking out epiphone vs gibson, reading books, if not, snoozing . Yes we may have shared the same roof, see each other everyday, casually talk with one another — but are these what we consider quality time?

Each of us define “quality time” differently. To many it could mean a weekend; to some a day or two; and to few others maybe a getaway. To me a quality time spent with a family doesn’t have to be measured by time or distance. I spend time with my family at anytime and any day, with or without a reason simply because they are important part of me and they deserve my time. It doesn’t have to be planned. It doesn’t even require an occasion to spend time with each other.

The nature of my job can be very demanding and may require most of my time so I can only stay home just as much and when I do, I always find time sitting down with them over lunch or dinner. In addition my new weekend passion which is baking has became my way of getting close to them. Each time I try something new, I always have them as my critics. 😀

What about you? What does a quality family time mean to you?

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