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A Wish Granted on Her 16th Birthday

Wishes do come true… And so are the wishes of this young lady who just turned 16 a week ago…   A sexy, red velvet cupcakes and a delish feast for lunch which I have specially prepared for her…   A day with the wild and critters at the Crocodile Park…   More of her […]

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Love Duet Champ

Practice indeed makes perfect!   On stage is my niece, Inah with her partner performing a love duet during the school’s English Festival celebration earlier today. It’s her third performance in three years, consistently bagging the second spot. This time around she made it all the way to the top along with her partner The […]

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Homecoming Plans

Mom and I had a talk with my brother over the phone shortly after having dinner last night. He told us the good news of having baby JL baptized next month so they could come home for the holidays. Although brother knew we may not be able to come for some reasons he still invited […]

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