Tips for Throwing the Perfect Birthday Party for Your New Teenager

January 13, 2019

Teenagers can be notoriously difficult to please, but your planned birthday part for your newest teenager can still be fabulous. Now is the time to get busying finding out exactly what would make your child happiest as he or she turns 13.

Talk to Your Child’s Friends 
Rather than simply choosing something that has worked in the past, it may be time to branch out and to get some helpful hints from those who think just as your teenager does. His or her friends will have some of the best ideas for what would be fun to do, see or eat at the party. While not all ideas may be viable, your child’s friends may be able to clue you into an idea that you otherwise never would have considered.

Get the Menu Just Right 
For most teenagers, the menu is key. Most children this age are incredibly hungry but are also becoming hugely picky. This is not the day to worry about healthy foods although it can be good to have a few healthy options, such as fruits, available for those who want them. However, it also does not take much to make kids this age happy. Consider a grill-out, a pizza party or hamburgers or tacos with all the fixings. Also, be sure to have plenty of sweet treats on hand other than just the birthday cake.

Enlist Help 
If you are busy or just do not know where to start, consider enlisting professional help. A party planner NY will know just who to contact for all of the details and will help you organize the entire event. They may also be able to help you bring in outside entertainment. At this age, your child may be starting to get pickier about likes and dislikes and may be particularly hesitant to invite certain friends from school. However, planning a birthday party can still be hugely successful when you know where to go for guidance.

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