Making Dogs Feel Special

August 02, 2018

Surprise a dog lover you know or a furry friend with a basket of treats and toys. Design the basket so that it's easy for the dog to open if you decide to give it to the animal. Use clear or animal print cellophane to wrap the basket when you're done adding the items that you want to include. Setting a theme for dog gift baskets is often the easiest way to get the things that you want to give. Examples of themes include items for new puppies and a new mom, celebrating a birthday, or celebrating a holiday.

 Instead of a basket for the base, you can use a dog bed. This will allow for the entire gift to be functional for the animal. A wicker basket with a pillow is an option as well and can also be used as a bed for a smaller dog. A chest for all of the dog's toys is also an option to consider instead of using a basket. Incorporate a blend of treats that the dog can eat, daily care essentials, and a few toys. If the basket is for someone who loves dogs, then you could include a mug with a word or phrase on the outside or a wine glass with an image of paw prints or something else related to dogs. Decorative signs for the wall, a table, or a shelf are also options to include in a basket for someone who loves dogs.

 Making a basket for a dog to enjoy is often easier. Make sure the treats that you include are easy to eat for the animal. Get a variety of toys that the dog can play with according to the animal's age and health. Pet supplies to put inside the basket could be anything from pads for the floor or shampoo for a relaxing bath.

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