IBT: Back to its original home and more...

April 28, 2018

This may not come as a surprise to all, but to my followers and subscribers (though I'm not sure how many are left as of this time), I blog today! just made its way back home - to BLOGGER!

So what's with the long hiatus and the sudden changes?

Well, being in the field of teaching full time plays the primary reason, although, it never dawned on me to totally quit blogging as I know deep in my soul that it is a passion I cannot let go of so I still fire updates now and then.

What Photobucket did also affected my motivation a lot. I supposed most bloggers are familiar to this story. Most of the photos I used in all my pages were hosted by them (for free of course) so the sudden changes was like a doom to my blogging endeavor. It took me awhile to rebuild that "spirit" and do something instead of letting everything I have worked for for a long time go to waste. Thus, the recent changes.

And so to keep all my pages from untoward circumstances of any form, I have decided to take all my Worpress-hosted blogs back to Blogger and IBT is one of them. Of course, along with that is another brand new look I have painstakingly took time with just to put everything back in place. It's good to know though that my tweaking ability is still around to help me get through it all.

I am also thankful that it's summer still! I have the liberty to sit down and spend some solid time dealing with online undertakings.

Spending wise, from here onward, I only have to worry about domain renewal now. That's what I have been trying to keep, whether the page is streaming or not. After all, it not about the monetary gain, but the long years worth of good memories that I kept here is what matters. And I have just decided to continue piling up more of it here as well as to my other pages.

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