Her 15th

June 16, 2017

"We age not by years but by stories."

It's exactly 16 years ago today when I officially become a mother for the second time. How time flies. The then adorable and bubbly baby has now turned into a refined, beautiful, and exceptionally talented young lady.

What more can I ask for from Him? Despite my physical absence, still, she managed to grow up so wonderfully. She is everything every single mother can be proud of.

Right now she is in her 9th grade, junior high. Her good disposition in life contributed so much to her social development as a student. She is currently an active officer in their school's student body organization and a chorister at the same time.

I am especially impressed by her singing skill, though I am not surprised where or to whom she got it from. Plus, her ability to play guitar and other musical instruments is simply fascinating. Relative to that passion of hers maybe one day I could get her Guitar Center, takamine guitars. That would have make her deliriously happy.

I know for sure though that whatever she have in life right now are enough reasons for her to be genuinely happy on her 16th birthday. Such doesn't have to be a thing.

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