Never Stop Learning Because Life Never Stops Teaching

November 15, 2016

"Never stop learning because life never stops teaching" Perhaps, the above-quote is really the reason why I had to engage myself in a post-graduate study. In every beginning of each class that I got in to, my teacher would ask us to introduce our selves and state the reason why we've enrolled in a post-grad studies class. And my honest answer would always be "for professional  growth" in which my classmates may have doubt about if not disagree since most of them are there for one common reason - promotion. That seems to be the case when one is teaching in a government school here in the country.

The government school pays better than the private schools but regardless, I opt to stay where I am simply because it is where I want to be. Others may find my decision unrealistic but what I do and where I am makes me happy and that's what matters to me.

It's been over a year since I got myself into post-graduate studies and now that I'm half way through it, I'm still holding on to that same reason.

Last Saturday while on my way to do a pilgrimage with my co-teachers, I received a good news from the Dean of the Graduate School where I am taking my post-graduate class - that I PASSED the Comprehensive Examination and that I am now illegible to enroll the Thesis Direction. Funny how it felt like I'm a regular student again.:D I was so overwhelmed. It took me the whole time to finally realize I am a few inch closer to my dream. I couldn't thank God enough for that.

 photo 14681652_10205929565436506_7035936506599471814_n_zpssszhahfh.jpg
Indeed, in believing, you will gain something. This time I am gearing up for the final chapter of my goal. I still have a week more to relax (check on roland td-11k) and on the last Saturday of the month I'll be in school again. I can't wait to begin.

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