A Gift to a Friend on His Wedding

September 11, 2016

Wedding is a once in a lifetime event, thus, the long and careful preparation. When I was asked by a colleague at work to take part in his wedding preparation, I was stunned. He asked if I can do his wedding invitation and I was but skeptical... not  because I don't want to but I'm afraid of the time left at hand. I was trying to imagine what kind of wedding invitation it might be with just barely a week left before the big day. Of course I didn't want to give him the very least no matter how simple the celebration would be -as he described it.

Bottom line is I want to help in any way I can. So, here's how it turned out in less than a week...

 photo f938b1f9-687d-421b-a533-a8e3df67fe6f_zpskiur0jpm.jpg

It wasn't my first time to have made wedding invitations like this. However, this time everything - from the design, layout to the kind of paper used and even the text style is according to my own personal preferences. Funny, but it's as if every thing (I mean literally everything) about the invitation was entrusted to my care as if it were mine. What the couple actually did was to simply check on the names under the entourage.

By the time I had it all done, the groom-to-be went speechless for a bit. Then he couldn't stop saying "thank you". I almost had to shoo him out of my office so he and his bride-to-be can start giving their invitations out.

It's always a good thing to be of help to others. Like I always tell my self... as long as I can... and as long as it's not marshall plexi. LOL! By the way, this simple gesture saved me from buying a wedding gift. I thought what I did was more than a gift a couple about to get married could ever ask for.

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