I wish I could Say Hello to Rainy Season

May 24, 2016

A little more days before summer officially ends but it's as if the weather is a little more advance in switching too this time with the experienced morning raindrops and gloomy days which makes me bedroom-trapped in the morning.

 I have a very well-spent summer with my family this year and though I don't want it to end, I need to go back to work very soon and make a living in as much as the kids needs to go back to school. 

Winter or rainy season is probably my most- hated kind of season, (please excuse the harsh word) however, the coming of the new school year is getting unstoppable and so it is. Lately, I noticed D2 eyeing for winter clothes online. I gave her Cozy Winters Reviews that she can read through before making up her mind.

Come June, I'm officially back to work and the kids to school. All I'm praying for is for us to be spared from any undesirable rainy season-related calamities such us floods, landslides and typhoons. We've had a fair share of it before and we've had enough. I even wish it to end before it could even start.

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