Solid Trio: Family Day Celebration

February 29, 2016

Good thing it's weekend so they were able to make it...

 photo 9cb76447-359f-4233-aaa8-c3ea49cd0f81_zpsodpco0vj.jpg

 It's our school that actually celebrates Family Day yesterday and good thing it falls on a weekend so D1 and D2 (even if they're in to different school) were able to make it for me. In other words, they were my guests along with their cousins yesterday and that's how the above and below photo came about.

 A family day is an annual celebration, usually in December but for some reason it was celebrated a little late this year. It's an entertainment-packed event where students showcase different talents and abilities with not only their teachers and fellow students as their spectators but with their own families this time. It is also the school's gesture of honoring and thanking the families for their continuing support to the school.

 Going back... so the girls (D1, D2 and cousins) enjoyed the day. Not only they get entertained but they also shared a sumptuous meal during the lunch break with us. The pictorial then followed. They took a lot of course. :D

 photo ae47325a-5099-4c31-992e-6894fde858a1_zpsa08xneyo.jpg
Another photo of D1 and D2 in my office.

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