D2 in Different World Cities

February 04, 2016

One good thing about having a smart phone is that you will be able to do almost anything you want - communication, business, entertainment - name it. Just like how these phones are able to download different apps that will leave you no room for boredom if you're on your "alone time". Of course a smart phone also mean smart built-memory size and battery life. Memory size matters if you're fond of downloading apps. I'm not on to so much apps but the Ds are. And that is how theses photos of D2 in different cities of the world came to existence.

 photo c63377af-5754-4b8d-b291-2dac3081fcbe_zps75rn9zab.jpg
 photo a6bbfc2c-8dd1-4714-8ad0-8be4c10cb4ca_zpsxvhswsim.jpg
 photo ef1c65df-6615-4c09-825b-be9258621d1c_zpsbxyrntuu.jpg
 photo 9d184f7c-a9ed-4cc8-b358-45f3e1fedb03_zpsqihbrb28.jpg

The app is called World Cities Photo Frames. It's a free app from Play Store. Can you guess where these cities are?

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