My Turn to be Merry this Holiday Season

December 17, 2015

Everybody deserves to be merry this Christmas season. My Santa thought I'd be a whole lot happier if he got me these...

 photo 11138489_10204008849819816_3966383416830727160_n_zps89v1gx5f.jpg
Yes, I have been wanting this office table with  undermount drawer slides and a chair to sit on comfortably because I thought it would motivate me to continue blogging even now that I am working full time as a professional teacher.

Teaching is undeniably a very tiring job and all I wanted to do each time I get home from work is to lock myself in my bedroom though I have this guilty feeling sometimes when I think of my lonely sites.

When I spotted this "furniture holiday sale" in one of the nearby malls, I looked around and thought of getting myself an office table. Just barely a week after, my Santa brought me back to the mall to finally grant my wish. It was indeed an awesome surprise. I couldn't be any happier.

I have been buying gifts and party essentials for the kids. This time it's my turn to be merry.

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