There is always a right time for everything

November 15, 2015

How time flashes with shorter days and longer nights if you happen to notice. We have exactly twenty-four (24) days left before Christmas. I wonder which part of the remaining days could I fit the conventional shopping plan for the back to back December parties. I guess none. I might just end up shopping online like I did before.

 Last week I checked out  a few items from one of my favorite online shops but not for myself but for my colleagues at work. Then while browsing for more shops I came across with this online jewelry store. I was surprised to have found out it was owned by a friend. I scanned the page and stumbled upon something really nice - a personalized ring piece that I thought would make an awesome holiday gift for myself. After all, I've been working so hard for the last eleven months and I believe I deserve a sweet reward.

 The thing is, it's a little pricey and it's not on my list. Right now, I'm still contemplating about it. If only I get spared of bills even just for once, LOL! I know, right?

 Well, there is always a right time for everything. At least I am positive on that. :) Related link: masonic rings

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