Graduation Month is Here!

March 04, 2014

 photo GRADUATION_CAP_BW_zpsa0d58542.png

Wherever stores you may go these days you probably would notice ornaments painting the importance of the month... not only for graduating students but to the parents as well.

Simply seeing those racks of pretty graduation dresses, graduation caps and diplomas being hanged around the store brings me back to the olden times. I don't know if you agree or not but to me, graduation is a one of a kind fulfillment. It's always a different feeling when you see how your family, relatives, friends and even the entire nation acknowledged your success and celebrates with you.

There's good luck messages from prominent groups and individuals you can see on TV or greetings aired over the radio. These days though, instant messages via text and messengers have made a great addition to those greeting channels.

Another popular way of conveying greetings and wishes to the graduates is through giving gifts. Now, that sounds more exciting, isn't it? Who wouldn't love gifts and surprises?

Unlike gifts for other occasions, a graduation gift doesn't really need to be that extravagant. Even fun gifts like a personalized ink stamps, a bath wrap or a personalized platter would do for girls... they always find it cool while you can easily get any trinket or gadgets for men. Small gifts like these are fun to reminisce with.

I remember one of the gifts I received when I graduated in high school was a medium sized pink stuffed bunny. A close friend gave it to me and would you believe I still have it as good as new up until today? That's how I treasure a thing that's been given to me regardless of its cash value and size. Of course other than material, the presence of my family stands the most precious gift of all.

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