New Year's Resolution

January 03, 2014

Resolving what to do is the easy part when making resolutions. Following through is the hardest.

Here's a few tips on how to make resolutions work according to a Health and Home associate editor, Lucille Bernardino - Tañalas.

  • Make your resolutions visual. Write your resolutions on a big piece of cardboard using a color pen. Tack the cardboard in a prominent place where you can always see it. Write words in big letters and embellish them with designs for a more creative look.

  • Don't easily give up. This is where most people fail. After several attempts and you still miss the target, press on. Nobody can create a habit in just a week or two. It takes about a month to do it. Then making it part of your daily life takes about six to seven months.

  • Find a partner. Invite a buddy in your exercise walk. To control your playing time with computer games, remind your parents or children to tap your shoulders to tell you to stop. To stop eating junk foods, tell a friend to yank a pouch away. To start becoming a vegetarian, ask friends to frequent vegetarian restaurants. If others are aware of your resolution, they can easily remind you of it.

  • Pray. I know you are expecting this word. But then, who else can help us better than God? No matter what we do, if God is not our partner, even if we succeed, we still not be contented of the result.

Make me think of wedding rings and ask me to shop for them and I'll promptly do it but making a resolution done, I'm as well poor on that and I know it's a shame.

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