Girls Talk

November 10, 2013

I seldom hangout with my girl friends anymore these days but when we do, we always make the most out of it. Well yesterday was quite a get together for just us, girls. Our friend, Liz generously hosted us a place where we can chat and laugh without limit.

We started catching up while food and drinks were served to us and since we can't talk about "getaway" minus the gents, we ended up talking about our friend, Vanessa's wedding instead. It's a little serious for a topic but hey, what girl or woman doesn't like "wedding"  for a chat subject? All four of us certainly do! The preparation is probably the most overwhelming part especially for the bride but we know how it pays off at the end of the day.

So  what we girls did was a kind of a brainstorming about the wedding details – the wedding reception, the coverage, the invitations and so on... Of course... who would forget the wedding dress? Deciding what dress to wear on her wedding day is probably the most important detail for a bride to be! To me it is the most exciting part and where else is the best place to look at when it comes to wedding dress shopping than online? Well the idea of online shopping isn't new to my friends as well because I also made Liz shop for her wedding dress online but this time we considered looking at DressFirst.

 photo d3c97481777803ef116a0afd60dad5e1_zps562e52a2.jpg

Dress First is a global online retailer that houses not only all types of wedding gowns but special event dresses and accessories as well. I personally browsed the site, myself and found one really nice and lovely prom dress I can imagine my darling, Kate will be wearing on a Prom night one day. Oh boy, what am I thinking? She's only 12 for Christ sake!

What's good about Dress First is that their prom dresses online and bridal gowns' prices is something that won't surprise your budget at all. It's about looking at your best on your most special day at a truly friendly cost because worrying while planning your big day is not part of the game like such. It actually wowed my my friend, Vanessa and the rest of us looking at their selection of wedding gowns and even shoes. That part is what took most of our time together yesterday and it won't surprise me if she will decide to check out one of those gorgeous dresses from the site.

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