The Newest Addition to the Family’s Fun Summer Activities

October 03, 2013

Summer is all about fun! And in our household fun doesn’t only mean beaches and outdoor activities but can also be a fun summer class at home!

My mom is a teacher and can’t seem to get enough of her love to that profession. It is so because even during summer time she’s still up to educating the kids at home – her grandchildren yes and there are seven of them. She makes sure the kids do not only learn but will have some fun time as well.

A little bit of academic (advance studies) and board games (chess and scrabble to enhance intelligence and vocabulary) are popular activities at home during summer. Also every once in a while, the AAC – the name of the school where mom works will administer Bingo for kids in addition to their recreational activities. Mom finds it entertaining and at the same time helpful in developing the child’s sensibility so she thought of introducing the game to the kids at home as well. Using art tools we’ve created colorful and friendly bingo cards for them and they're no doubt enjoying it!

I am actually surprised because back in the days, only spectacled old women in large halls filled with smoke plays Bingo. I never thought the influence of this game would come this far to invade the world of young generations of today. Obviously it did.

I'm sure their fondness to these games would last until the next Holiday season which is by the way fast approaching. Let department 56 christmas in the city be not only the busiest during those times but the other toy stores as well. After all, Christmas is all about merrymaking.

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