The Artist in Me

October 26, 2013

I'm a needlecraft hound... anything that has something to do with needle, brightly colored threads and stitching accessories. When I was in college I got so fascinated with cross stitching. I used to get through one design after the other. I compiled plenty of patterns from different themes and designs I only not do for it myself but for others (friends and relatives) as well. You may not believe it but the ones I made some 12 years ago are all still alive. Each room of mom's house has 2 pieces or so of them.

The other night, we were invited for a birthday party at my cousin's place. I was so surprised to see the two huge frames of angels (of grace & mercy) that I made for them like 10 years ago, hanged on their wall, still looking as good as new. I can tell they were given quality framing services for that.

Well, considering the invested hard work from start to finish plus the amount you spent, I think it is just reasonable to give your work a final elegant touch - a nice frame design that is. It is completely rewarding to see your own hand-made products adding beauty to your home.

I'm still looking forward to do cross stitching once again. I'm pretty sure I will be able to get bunch of excellent designs from the web. In the mean time, I need picture framing services for the portrait sized pictures I have printed out lately. They're various photos of me and my girls and I am supposed to hang them on my still empty walls. Hopefully I could get them done soon so I can make way for traktor x1 and other online tasks that also needs completed.

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