The Most Watched Baby in the Family

September 12, 2013

Few weeks before my EDD, since I'd be giving birth to my chosen hospital, I temporarily switched home and decided to stay in my Aunt's house in the city as advised.  Everyone around the house cares so much about me that while the others are away, one must always be there to look after me as if I were the most fragile thing on earth. I can't do this and that... nothing I can do but sit and eat and rest. Sounds royal, huh? Oh well, who would not like being treated in such a nice, sweet and caring way like my Aunt and her whole family did while I was expecting my second baby.

My EDD elapsed! Everybody's starting to worry. To calm them down, my cousin and I went to see my doctor. I had to go through another round of ultrasound. The baby and I were fine and so we left and headed back home.

While laying down, I noticed my worn clothes were piling up. I rose and picked them up and while making my way to the slippery laundry area, I lose foothold and slipped.  OUCH!!!

Hearing a slam, they all panicked and on to where I was trying to stand back up. And though I felt a bit sore, I knew I was just fine. Few hours after that incident, I started to labor and finally gave birth to another precious baby... my Naureen!

Imagine how relieved they all were after gazing at her the first time!

How time flies so fast! Looking how far she'd grown now, my then baby is now on her 6th grade and had been doing well.  She may no longer be a  baby but for me she and her older sister, Kate will still be the most delicate and important as  new-born babies I want to keep in my thoughts and in my heart as long as I live.

By the way, she's only a year old when the photo above was taken. :)


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