Think. Save. Create. (On Emergency Survival)

August 16, 2013

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Rainy season is here. Thank you God for sparing us from that horrifying and destructive disaster we've experienced from the past. Although that doesn't give us the reason no to be responsible in our surroundings. Let us always make sure the drainage are clean, the water trench unclogged and most importantly, do not forget to keep essential survival supplies in handy should emergency situations like flash flood arises.

Survival food is important. There's no way you can walk to the store to get supplies when the water is already up the road. When you shop and you have something extra, you can spend it for a pack of noodles or two or maybe a couple canned goods instead of spending it to something that are not really important. You will thank yourself you did because those non- perishable foods you stored might what save and get you and your family through for a day or so.

Your survival kits must also contain supplies like, water, clothes, first aid kits, blanket, baby bottles if you have babies, sanitary and hygiene supplies, and lighting tools. Make sure your kit comes in handy and is situated somewhere familiar to every member of the family.

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