Long Weekend and Reminiscing

August 09, 2013

So the long weekend holiday has begun. As I have expected everyone started making their way to mom’s house, the kids who are all off from school most especially. I picked my daughters up from their dad’s and shortly after we arrived, we all went to visit “tatay” (as the kids used to call my late dad). We lighted candles, said a prayer and offered him flowers.

Ah-- it’s been long years but the feeling of emptiness is still there – makes me reminisce each time. My daughter, Kate was the first grandchild he had. She was less a year old when he was diagnosed of renal failure and died 9 months after. That was 10 years ago. It wasn’t the kind of illness anyone would want to have. It is painstaking and although it didn’t literally knock my dad down to his bed or required us to get a folding bedside commode seat for his convenience, still the situation kind of robbed us all – financial wise.

Another thing we were somehow grateful about despite having the illness is seeing my dad able to still normally do most of the things he used to. Somehow his condition didn’t prevent him from taking care of his personal necessities. He was such a fighter until the end. At least he tried to for the last few months of his life after the final diagnosis was made known to him. Even until now I still can see all vivid and clear how he tried to be a grandfather to his first grandchild as much as he could despite of having difficulties. Such memory never fails to crack a tear on my eyes.

I know there’s no use to wish for him to be with us and to complete our family again but whether he’s here or not, he will always be remembered and I know he know he is.

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