Have You Ever Been this Tired?

It’s only midweek but it’s as if I wanted to rush the weekend already. The last two working days were really exhausting. Thank God I’ve got an off today. I’ve got longer time to just be my old self, sitting in front of my computer, taking my time and not rushing things.

I opened my email early this morning and didn’t really help to crack a smile on this one forwarded by a friend…


Poor thing…

They seriously need a cat bed.

Hmm… choosy dog!

Oh no… somebody want to help this kid before he/she’ll a move?

Saving the two bests for last… (LOL!)

Enjoy your day, everyone! 😉

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One Response to “Have You Ever Been this Tired?”

  1. 1Cielo of Brown Pinayon 26 Aug 2013 at 9:19 pm

    Hay I remember one FX ride going home from Pasig to our place in Marilao. Biglang mag tumunog na BOG ang lakas ako pala yun heheh tumama ang ulo sa window sa sobrang antok, not to mention pa nung na hilik ako sabay kunyari ubo hehhehehe

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