Fearless Confession

August 18, 2013

 photo 100_8308_zps9edd5b3c.jpg

"You're gaining!" Before I only hear those words from people whom I haven't seen me for a long time. I didn't want to take it negatively but looks like I couldn’t help it. And just a while ago while reviewing beato drum bags at musician’s friend site, guess who I’d hear it from again…? My 6 year-old niece! No, what she whispered exactly was, "Tita, you need to lose weight. You do look better with your old shape."It was really until she said it that I get to mean to say OMG! Imagine for a six year old girl and I have already been losing weight, for Christ sake!

It really did hurt down to my core being, LOL. But I can't take it against my precious niece who's only being honest to herself, haha! I love her even more for that. It only tells that she wants me to look good and that she cares.

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