Trip to Davao People's Park

July 16, 2013

People’s Park in Davao City has long been there but for whatever reason I never had that urge to come and see the place even after its opening date was publicly announced. It is a typical park for the kids and maybe it is not my kind of place to be. But it’s a different thing of course when I’m around with kids.

 The very first time that I went in was when I escorted my then 5 year old niece, Inah during their Educational Tour last year. That was just a quick visit though. However, last summer I had the same chance when me along with my family were invited to an important occasion in the city.


Being there with the kids reminds me of my childhood days. Mom used to take us to the park but with entirely different settings. She would then ask a photographer to take photos of us. We still keep those photos until now.

 Anyway, going back to the present, I realized how much I’ve missed on that very day. We spent about two solid hours of uninterrupted fun time. I would use grippers if I could to keep the kids safe while playing, LOL. While watching the kids having fun playing around, somehow I had this guilt feeling of not allowing myself to recognize the difference. I realized how much I’ve missed – that it is not just a kind of park where I don’t want to be – that it is actually a place I would also enjoy spending time to. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken bunch of photos of the kids enjoying their time.

 photo 100_7213_zpse522814e.jpg

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