All Keyed Up to Welcome School Year 2013-2014

June 03, 2013

Summer is now officially over and in few more days school year 2013-1014 is here. I’m finally done with the back-to-school shopping and so are my sisters. Now it’s time for us to set the kids’ mind for that big opening day on the 10th. As parents we are just as thrilled as them... but knowing kids, they can easily adapt in less time.

Daughter 1 will be going to 6th grade while D-2 will be on its 5th grade. Can you imagine that? I’m going to be a mom to two teenagers soon and to be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure yet how to handle that. My girls have grown so fast and so are their preferences. Before I can buy them the stuffs they needed for school all by myself. This time they picked every item by themselves including all the new additions –beauty essentials. I wish there’s a way to stop them from growing like they already are. I certainly miss those times where I had to lay in between them during bedtime because both wanted me to sleep by their side. Of course they no longer ask me to do that now or I won’t be sleeping on the couch each night, LOL!

So they’re growing up and there’s nothing I can do about that. And they’re gonna go back to school real soon. I wish like The Soothing Company there’s something I can do for the rainy season that comes after the summer. Although they seemed all keyed up, I still kind of not like it when I have to worry about them dealing with the pouring rain while going to school. Oh well… what will be, will be… I guess…

For my daughters and for the rest of the girls in our household who are going to go out along with thousands of other children from different parts of the country come May 10th, I want to wish you all good luck, be productive and make your parents proud! :)

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