May 01, 2013

Watching a movie, you would wonder why they seem to be punishing themselves drooling all together at a small screen when there’s bigger one available that they can use.

 photo drooling_zpsfd3a3477.png

It is summer and the girls just can’t run out of things to do. One minute they want to play outside or do painting. Then the next minute they want to play computer games or do surfing; if not they watch a movie. That’s why I can’t also run out of new movies. Thanks to free downloads and I don’t mind it taking up space on my hard drive but the things is, each of them wants a copy of the movie that they can take home. Hmm, sounds like implying for fast cd duplication, huh. Does that sound right?

But yea, I don’t want them thinking that I’m not being a nice tita (aunt) to them so I might do it before the summer ends but absolutely not using the cd duplicating machine because I don’t have it but I can burn CDs for them. I actually need to do that if I want to free space on my external hard drive. It’s starting to fill up. Something’s gotta give.

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