My Brother, Jim on His Last Bachelor Year

April 13, 2013

For my family, the first two quarters of the year is all about birthdays. On February, I had mine; on March it’s my sister, Thea and her daughter, MJ’s birth month. A week ago, my daughter, Kate celebrated her 12th birthday. Now it’s my brother, Jim’s turn and on his 34th to give thanks to God for blessing him another year. Like the past celebrations he has had, he only invited some really close friends and relatives over.

Here are some of the photos I took earlier…

 photo Budo34_zpsb76d66c9.png

He might as well savor this day because very soon he will be bidding goodbye to his bachelor years.

 photo Budoat34_zpsbfc8fc91.png

Actually he felt he already did when he first had their baby in October last year. He’s just about to make it official by marrying the mother of his child and the grand day is going to happen soon. The date is yet to be fixed but it will definitely be next month. Whew! I can’t wait to see it happen. What a blessed year indeed it is for him and to his family!

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