34 and 2013 to Remember

April 12, 2013

Tomorrow’s another special day for the family. In few hours time, my brother who is soon to get married will be turning 34. Something’s cooking up now and everyone’s expecting for a blast. Such a real memorable 2013 to remember for him with all the special events that took and are yet to take place like his birthday tomorrow and his wedding day on the 7th next month. And guess what’s more… their wedding day’s gonna fall on his sweetheart’s birthday too! I’d start looking for best guitar straps if I were to serenade the event. It sure is going to be a dashing, lively occasion for important people in their lives to witness and it’s getting closer each day. I guess tomorrow on his birthday is his chance to make it known to the family the official date of his wedding day. I can’t wait to see what it will be like. As a big sister I can’t be any happier for my little brother.

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