My Now Empty Book/Magazine Stand

March 12, 2013

We have a pretty humid weather today and it doesn’t help me in accomplishing my tasks online at all. The more I stare at my computer screen, the more I get drowsy. I tried lying down on the couch and hoping to reach for something to read and look at. Then I realized my book/magazine stand is now empty. How unfortunate!

I remember how I tried to save all those books (most of them are from Advertisers) and magazines I tried to collect slid them all in a huge box along with my DVD movies hoping they will be spared but bad luck has it. The books especially we’re dear to me. They’re all inspirational. My sister even used them for references. Now I don’t know how long till I get to meet new advertisers again that will offer me good and helpful reading materials in exchange of honest reviews. You think will? I hope they will but wherever it may come from, I shall gladly consider it and perhaps start collecting again from there.

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  1. Please teach the rest of these internet holgnoais how to write and research!