A Rare to Find Dentist

March 07, 2013

Have you ever had a trip to a dental clinic lately? When was the last time you went to see a Taylorville Dentist or visited the nearest dental clinic in your area? I had mine about three months ago and I wouldn’t have bothered if not for a terrible toothache that caused me sleepless nights. Sounds very typical, yes?

Ideally, we people with or without oral issues are supposed to see a dentist on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many of us find that ideal rather unnecessary unless they have some serious reason to – one bad toothache, for one. That could be dreadful, huh, especially for the kids? But even in my own time, I also had my share of terrors seeing a dentist back when I was a kid and even while growing up. Not just dental but I find any medical clinic rather uncomfortable and distressing. But that until I met Dr. Joyce – a corporate dentist from the company I used to work with years ago. She’s pleasant in every way and the image of her clinic clearly reflects that of her character not only as a professional but as a person most especially. Unlike any other dentists, she doesn’t just merely do what she needs to do to address a patient’s problem but she also talk to them in such a very comforting way. Not all regular dentists do that. She explains things. What is it, why she has to do it and she poses options if there’s any wherein the patient could decide which one suits his/her budget better. Her assistant is likewise very accommodating and cheerful. I won’t wonder why she’s still there after all these years. She definitely has found the right job with Dr. Joyce.

I couldn’t imagine myself seeing another dentist in my life. Even my little girls are now having that confidence to set a foot in a dental clinic when there’s a need to – something they never had. I know for most mothers convincing their kids to see a dentist is not a piece of cake but not if the dentist is as friendly and affectionate as ours. She’s rare to find.


This is a sponsored post for Genesis Dental, however, the ideas expressed herein are my own personal opinion and do not represent my client’s view in anyway.

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