The Crafty in Me

February 13, 2013

One of my old hobbies back in the days when I am still a full-time hands-on mom to my daughters was needle crafting. I had this handy sewing machine that helped me get my sewing projects done in less time. That’s how I came to know different sewing accessories and how to use threaded inserts. I’ve had my then babies for inspiration in producing baby clothes and dresses. Instead of buying ready-to-wear baby clothing articles, I opt for fabrics and threads. I seemed to get attracted to those colorful threads a lot which is also the reason why I once get addicted to cross stitching back in my college years. Too bad I couldn’t keep even a single photo of those pretty clothes that I made for my girls but here are some of my framed cross stitching pieces still hanged on mom’s living room up until today. :)

 photo 32f26802-55bc-457f-bcf8-96c7302f9aff_zps20eaa51e.jpg
 photo sun_rise_zpsf1befb6f.jpg

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