Photos of Inah (my niece's) 7th Birthday

February 27, 2013

Meet Inah, my niece on her 7th birthday. Hers is a day ahead of mine (17th of Feb, mine is on the 18th) but we usually celebrate it together. :)

 photo InahsBirthday1_zps301592b6.jpg

the birthday girl...
 photo InahsBirthday2_zps301f7be7.jpg
 photo InahsBirthday3_zps97d5687c.jpg

with cousins (L: RJ, Jam, Inah, MJ, Elijah and Bernadeth at the back)
her birthday cake

 photo InahsBirthday4_zps767e7d75.jpg

with the proud tita

 photo InahsBirthday5_zps06cdd392.jpg

the gift I got for the birthday girl

 photo InahsBirthday6_zpscca44ff3.jpg

her birthday cake

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