Food for Maxi Dogs

January 30, 2013

 photo doggie_zps97532d31.jpg Canine companions, whether they are small, medium or large sized breeds, should be kept happy and healthy simply because that’s the easiest way to thank them for loving us the way they do.

Owning a large sized dog usually implies having access to outdoor areas on a regular basis as these breeds cannot be kept indoors. Their size does not allow that to happen as these pets need to exercise and perform physical activities on a daily basis. Keeping them in a reduced space will determine them to be hyper active and might also cause weight management issues.
Royal Canin Maxi has worked towards creating a range of dietetic food aimed at large sized canines.

This range includes varieties such as Maxi Starter, Maxi Junior, Maxi Adult Body Condition, Maxi Sensible, Maxi Light and Maxi Dermatocomfort. Each of the products contain special ingredient which focus on the dog’s needs depending on their age, immune system requirements and preferences. The best choices for dogs which are prone to being overweight are low levels of fat and increased amounts of protein are indicated. That way the pet shall receive the daily dose of energy without having to consume more in order to keep the number of kilograms under control. Royal Canin Maxi Light places special emphasis on this particular matter, aiming to satisfy the appetite for a longer period of time so the dog does not feel the need to eat more than two times per day. Oral hygiene is maintained with the help of sodium polyphenols which keep teeth and gums healthy.

When it comes to canine companions, the skin and coat are essential elements which have to be as well preserved as possible. Apart from grooming and daily care, feeding the dog proper nourishment can also contribute to an excellent looking skin and fur. Royal Canin Dermatocomfort is addressed to adult dogs which suffer from sensitive skin and are affected by dermatological irritations. Most of the time, these allergic reactions are caused by certain protein which can be found in food. This brand reduces the amounts of protein included in the recipe so that such effects are diminished.

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