Design Glassware by Mont Bleu: Your Kind of Compact Mirror Shop

January 25, 2013

To make sure that they put their make up on right; a matter of a fleeting peek, and they’ll be aware whether something’s need flossed out in between their teeth or not after dining out with a friend or perhaps with someone special; to see up close if their mascara smudged; or perhaps to just simply have a detailed view of their faces from time to time – these are clear-cut reasons why most women can’t seem to go without compact mirrors with them in their purses.

Ladies who consider eminent value even for the smallest stuff they got in their purses like compact mirror or pocket mirror should check on compact mirrors from It’s where you’ll see compact mirror collections with truly captivating designs from different and only the best suppliers across the globe sold in one shop – Design Glassware.

Each mirror consists of two reflecting surfaces – a magnifying one for a detailed view and the usual one. The mirrors also come in two categories: the metal (with two shapes, the round and square) and plastic compact mirrors.

For ladies who give high regard to the combination of toughness and femininity, this enticing Swarovski crystals embellished metal compact mirrors could be for you.

 photo CM_zps2a7f7941.png

Wonderful variety of designs, high quality plastic and very handy – these are what’s in Design Glassware’s plastic compact mirror collection. You will find these mirrors perfect to give for a gift. I’m sure teens would love to have one in their purse.

 photo plasticcompactmirrors_zpsa3cdc19d.png

Not only compact mirrors but other cool items that the store carries include: costume jewelry, key rings and mobile charms, Swarovski embellished pens, hair brushes, glass nail and foot files, bag hangers, card holders, manicure sets, cosmetic brushes and more. They also offer gift sets and personalize stuffs according to the customer’s need.

To those who have an eye for luxurious hand-made accessories and exclusive presents, Design Glassware by Mont Bleu is the best bet!

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