Homecoming Plans

October 16, 2012

Mom and I had a talk with my brother over the phone shortly after having dinner last night. He told us the good news of having baby JL baptized next month so they could come home for the holidays. Although brother knew we may not be able to come for some reasons he still invited us all anyway. That was indeed awesome news to hear and guess what… I am going! Mom offered to help cover my airfare since she couldn’t come and so I was appointed to represent for the family and boy, didn’t I gladly take it? I can’t wait to see and throw my niece a huge hug and sweet kisses.

 I could also make use of the chance to talk to my brother regarding his plan of building a room extension in my place for his family to stay whenever they come to visit. I offered one of my rooms but with the new baby he thinks having a room of their own is essential. My brother has a knack on lay-outing structures being a Civil Engineering undergraduate and a draftsman in a private firm. In fact, he designed mom’s and sisters’ house, as well as my home office. Not only that, he also recommends which materials to use and never fails to stress to his clients the importance of choosing the right front and even the internal doors as they are what defines the security of every room or structure.

 Before leaving last July, he made initial drafts for that room that he wants to build. He had me contacted the same old people who worked for us before. It is not going to be a major extension project but he wants every detail of it (big or small) to count. I understand he’s staying after the holidays to finalize the plan so he can get the construction started. He is looking to supervise it himself so that means he will be away from his little princess for a while. I’m sorry I’m just a proud soul and can’t help to include this photo in this post.

Baby JL and the proud daddy

I wouldn’t have mind baby-sitting but I doubt if sister-in-law will be going back home without her either. :-)

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