Frugal Shopping

October 19, 2012

I don’t know from where you are from but over here in my place we have what we call a “Market Day”- a day in a week where prices of everything you can find in the market from basic commodities, home accessories, clothing… name it… are way cheaper than the rest of the days of the week. We locally call it “tabuan” which literally means the assemblage of sellers from different places. 

Comprising half the location of “tabuan” are wide stalls of “ukay-ukay” (second-hand stores) - derived from the Visayan word “halukay” which literally means digging into or the act or digging. Not only clothes but a stall or two of fashion and jewelry store is also there to complete one’s shopping experience.


 “Ukay-ukay” shopping is like treasure hunting but instead of treasure, you are to actually dig huge piles of used clothing which are mostly vintage and of high value. If you’ll happen to find signature items then that would even be luckier. Over the years it has become a popular venue not only for people who just simply wants to save but also to those who are seriously trying to be fashionable for less. That could be me and my friend, Jonnah although we both know how to splurge too every once in a while. And we don’t give used stuffs for gifts. For that we count on either Spencer Gifts store or other trusted online shops. We simply shop from ukay-ukay stores for ourselves – exactly what we both did for the __th time yesterday and we had a blast. I should be posting pictures of our best buys here some time soon. ;-)

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