A Quick Reunion

October 18, 2012

Mom has seven siblings and there are only five of them left now when the other two died of illness. Like any other they only get to see each other on important family occasions like anniversaries. But somewhere last week, we decided to visit one of her elder sisters who happen to live in a far flung area where a motorcycle is the only mode for public transport. Even if I like peace and solitude, I still couldn’t imagine myself living in the same area. I mean it isn’t bad at all – power and water supply is available, there’s maybe just something I couldn’t figure but well, this is not all about me living there anyway.

 So, we met my auntie and her family. With them if I am not mistaken was a 70 something year-old woman (uncle’s sister) sitting on a wheeled chair right by the door. Looking at her while mom and her sister had a chat again made my imagination run wild – wondering what will my old life be like or will I ever get as old as the woman I was staring at?

 Looking at the modern times and all the comfort it brings even to the one in a worst situation somehow alleviates the pressure. Yes I am the type who worries a lot for the future but thank God I live where I am today – where I know of modern senior care products like bed and bath wedge pillows, mattresses, even incontinence products like prevail diapers and where to get them.  All these modern convenience just make everyone’s life really easier.

 Going back, my aunt’s family and mine had dinner together to culminate that short reunion. We left shortly after but funny how the thoughts of growing old still lingered while making our way back.

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