With Small Things Comes a Delight and Well-Being

September 28, 2012

Satisfaction and happiness isn’t just about fulfilled dreams or major plans in life. Sometimes with small things also comes delight and well-being. That is exactly what I feel whenever I get the chance to pamper myself and to me pampering doesn’t just limit to getting my hair or nails done at the salon. I am also the kind who locks myself up in the shower room for however long I want, help myself with a DIY body and foot scrub and when needed carefully shave unwanted body hair.

Shaving has been my thing since the dawn of my adulthood. It is a personal choice I make and I know a lot of women do it too. And while people especially men have their reasons why they get rid of their unwanted body hair, I also have mine. I like wearing skirts and shorts most of the time so I shave my leg hair for that reason. I want them to look soft.

 For a start, I use a hair remover lotion. It is supposed to remove the hair but it doesn’t really do the job well and the way I wanted it – all smooth and clean, so I still end up shaving it all the way out. Then I apply a skin moisturizer after.

 The same thing I do with my underarm hair. However, with the constant appearance of ingrown hairs, I would have opted for a permanent underarm hair removal but such procedure would costs an arm and a leg. It might take a while for me to save up and have it done so until I have enough funds to make that happen, I won’t get tired doing the regular shaving.

 Call it vain but as a woman I always try to look and feel good even after I’ve had my two girls. Not that I look perfect in everything but it doesn’t mean I can’t feel good for myself. Often I get reminded of that “aging gracefully” thing. I believe that is doable but only if we know how to take care of both our inner and physical self.  

  This is a sponsored post for the Art of Shaving, however, the ideas expressed herein are my own personal opinion and do not represent my client’s view in anyway.

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