When September Sprung

September 24, 2012

When September kicked off, I suddenly had this feeling of urgency to get my income stream back on track. I knew then how quickly time would pass us by and before we know it, the most awaited time of the year will be here once again. I know it is but normal to cringe at the thought of holidays being associated with spending. Some say it is how you understand and live by the true meaning of Christmas that counts and not how much gifts you receive. I say how else can you help children wear a grin on their faces on Christmas than unwrapping a gift? Such gifts don’t even have to be fancy so why not make way for it? Besides there are practical ideas we can make use of to make gift shopping easier than it has to be.

 Coming from a family with house full of kids, it makes sense to me to create a gift shopping list way ahead of time.


To me “ahead of time” means as early as September. Why wait till the last hour when you can begin making that list now and start scouting toy stores while stocks are still at their best shapes and prices (if you know what I am talking about). But if you have to look online, there should be nothing to worry about especially if you trust the reliability of the store where you intend to shop your goods from.

 Have I started looking yet? Yes, and other than bearing the cost I also wish I could make reviews out of some really nice and attractive utah toys. If you guys haven’t gone to Blickenstaff’s (it’s an online toy store) I suggest you do. Not only will you find goodies for kids there but also for the kids at heart like you and me.

 So there you go. Shop ahead of time! I have been practicing it for few years now and it hasn’t gone wrong so far.

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