Purple - The Perfect Color to Spruce Up a Child’s Room

September 22, 2012

Most parents opt to paint children's rooms a neutral color or go out of their way to decorate in themes, but it often proves difficult to choose matching bedding. Toddlers and babies alike enjoy themed rooms, and it is next to impossible to incorporate neutral color schemes into their bedding. Baby crib bedding is especially hard to find in sets that match an already decorated room's theme. However, by choosing solid colors such as purple bedding for baby girls or blue bedding for baby boys, parents can help a room's theme flow together seamlessly.


Color is not the only important factor in choosing the perfect baby crib bedding set. The type of fabric a given set is manufactured from should always be taken into account. Babies are especially sensitive skinned, which makes it more difficult to find purple sheet bedding or other colors of bedding that do not irritate their skin. A bedding set's fabric type is discussed in detail on the inside warranty tags. Honest manufacturers display the percentage of cotton, polyester or rayon used in a particular bedding set. Purchase bedding that contains at least 60 percent or more cotton. Cotton is a natural element in fabric and rarely causes allergic reactions.


When choosing bedding for babies, parents should consider the theme of the room and the quality of the fabric. The more affordable a certain bedding set is, the less cotton the fabric contains. It is also imperative to feel the fabric, and parents should always run their hands over the fabric before purchase. It is hard to make wise bedding choices, but if the company or manufacturer accepts returns, it can make the final decision easier for parents.

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