How I Cut Back on my Cooling System Bill

September 03, 2012

Living in a tropical country, would you invest on cooling system like air conditioner where you know you can only make use of that much during the hottest part of the year? There are numbers of reasons why we equip our home with these cooling systems regardless of the season.

 In my case, before even my place was built, I knew right off that I would need of one. My bedroom is designed with just a single window pane and without the air conditioning system it would defeat its purpose. I just didn’t have the idea at first though how it shoots up the electricity bill. Mine got tripled especially when I had it first running on one summer. Obviously it took a toll on my finances so right away I decided to cut back on its usage. Instead of turning it on at night where the temperature is cooler than during the day, I just have to make use of the wall fan. Or if it gets really humid, I just set the timer up and let it run for a couple of hours.

 Additionally, if you are to look up, there are actually hundreds if not thousands of helpful articles you can read online on how you can save on your air conditioning bill. But for those of you who don’t have that much time for surfing, I suggest you visit RS Andrews website. Their blog page provides different information you may need not only on air conditioning-related topics but also on its counterpart.

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