And She fell Asleep

September 04, 2012

For moms who have little ones out there, this might have had happen to your toddlers too. :D


That’s my niece who seems to need shut-eye more than she needs her lunch yesterday. Mostly I’ve heard or seen videos and photos of toddlers falling asleep on their dinner but not this tot. On different occasions I caught her falling asleep on her lunch. But I guess it shouldn’t matter whether kids doze off on their lunch or dinner. The thing is kids do a lot of bouncing around therefore; they metabolize the food that they’re taking faster. So to keep incident like this from happening we, parents should keep track on their meal time. Obviously that’s earlier than ours.

 This is something I have actually learned being a mom of two – though my girls are both grown-ups now.

 For toddlers, lunch should be around 11:00 then they could take a mid-day nap and instead of 7:00, dinner should be given around 5-6 so they should be in bed at 7:30 to 8:00 at the latest – hmm… something my little sister still need to learn I guess. ;)

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