Clubbing in Ayia Napa: Top 5 Bars & Clubs

August 30, 2012

There’s no denying it Ayia Napa holidays are the king of clubbing sessions. As Top Cat is to the feline species, Ayia Napa is the indisputable leader of the urban scene.

 Clubbing in Ayia Napa is famed for its epic grime and garage offerings. In recent years Ms Dynamite, Luck n Neat, and Boy Better Know have all been seen on the Cypriot shores.

 1. Castle Club The Castle Club is the biggest and the best nightclub in Ayia Napa. Whatever your taste in music, the Castle Club is an essential for your itinerary. Three huge rooms of music mayhem, open air areas and a gorgeous VIP lounge means you’ll be clubbing like royalty. Well, definitely Prince Harry.

 2. Starksys Starskys is another popular club on the square; a top spot for people who are into dance and contemporary hits. This is a club, plain and simple, for letting your hair down and going wild.

 3. Club Ice Speak with your rep and keep your eye out for the events at Club Ice. This is the place where many international names head for big clubbing promos and gigs. This year’s expansion has made Club Ice larger than life, with even more space to accommodate top names such as Twice as Nice and DJ EZ.

 4. Carwash Disco Everyone needs a little dose of cheese when they take a taste of their Cypriot biscuit. We agree that metaphor went a little bit too far, but it is merely doing Carwash Disco the justice it deserves. For the best party classics and pop anthems, head here.

5. Bedrock Yes, you’ve guessed it, Flintstones themed goodness. Karaoke, cocktails and plenty of pre-party carnage. You know you’ll love it so much you’ll find yourself shouting, ‘Wilmaaaaaa, I’m hooooooome!’ Just watch. You’ll see.

 Sensational heats and a nightlife scene hotter than that, book Ayia Napa holidays online for epic clubbing sessions in the sun.

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