Early Morning Visitor

June 03, 2012

Hopping from one wall to another at all 4 corners of her bedroom – this pretty creature made sure he sounded like someone knocking at the kitchen door – that woke mom up - only to find that it’s just him.

click image to view full size

I just didn’t ask further how it got in because it isn’t the first time that a similar fellow of similar size has landed in our house. It has been an ancient belief that occurrences like this represents either a good or a bad luck while others believe it symbolizes a visit from a departed loved one who’s soul wants to be prayed over or simply wants to be remembered. I am honestly not so into such things but I have nothing against it either. I’ve seen similar creature around in few different occasions but its presence doesn’t make a difference. To me it is but God’s another lovely creation that perhaps He wants us to experience that day and appreciate the beauty of His work.

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