Today’s Family Photo

May 28, 2012

I always make sure my point and shoot camera do come in handy all the time so there will be no reason to miss moments that are worth keeping.

 Yesterday we went to celebrate fiesta at my late grandma’s place. We the “apos” (her grandchildren) call her house “vintage” as it’s really old yet standing strong still. Every time we gather around together (me and my cousins) we actually can’t help but reminisce on how things were back when we were still small. Now most of us already have a family of our own and yes we do still get to gather around the same old ground – all four generations- sharing the same spirit of unity while enjoying each other’s company... something I am thankful for to God.

 Anyway, everyone seems busy having fun yesterday and while they were I took the chance to take my girls and my youngest nephew, RJ up at gram’s living room for a few pose with her newly renovated living room’s wall on the background. I set the camera timer and here’s how it went...


That's about it for my weekend post. Hope you guys have a good one! ;)

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