How to Lower Your Electric Bills in Your New Apartment

May 02, 2012

A new apartment is very exciting for anyone. Whether it is your first apartment or you just moved into a new one, decorating and furnishing an apartment can be a great project. It can also be a fun and worthwhile experience to discover ways to save money in a new apartment, especially on the electric bill. Whether you are moving into a unit in st louis apartments or in another city, doing small methods to lower your electric bill can help reduce the overall expenses in your new apartment and save you more money for your other necessities. Here are quick and simple ways to help lessen the electric bill in your apartment.

Turn Off the Lights

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This is perhaps the simplest thing an apartment owner can do to save money in reducing his or her electric bill. Turn the lights off in the rooms you are not in. In addition, use bulbs and lamps that are not greedy on electric power to ensure that you have ample lighting in your home without having to spend much on electricity.

  Use Shades and Blinds Shades or blinds are cheap tools to keep the cool in during the summer and the heat in during winter. Simply close them during the day in the summer to keep the house cool. In the winter, open them and let the sunshine in during the day and close them in the evening to keep the warmth in.

  Heat Frequently Used Rooms Use a portable heater to heat the rooms where you and your family spend time the most. Set the thermostat lower for the rest of the rooms in the apartment. If you will leave the house for a long while, turn the thermostat down at least five degrees while you are gone. Put on an extra layer of clothes, and keep the thermostat down when you get home.

 Clean the Lint Trap If you have to use a dryer, clean the lint trap first. Dryers use less electricity anhave d to work less to dry clothes with a clean lint trap. Wash Full Loads When using a washing machine or a dishwasher, only wash a full load. When it comes to the dishwasher, only use it when you have company or large groups for dinner. Manually wash dishes and your clothes if you have the time to do so to save on water and electric bill.

  Remember to Unplug When appliances are not being used, unplug them. Devices such as radio, hair dryer, television set, and stereo use small amounts of electricity even when not in use if they are plugged in. There are lots of ways to control your electric bill in your apartment. With the tips above, you do not only save yourself from humongous electricity bills, but you also make sure that your appliances and the apartment itself are maintained well. 

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