When Parents Fight

December 15, 2011

Shift topic. I’m sorry to switch mode from happy to a little bit sad here but I’ve read this story called A Beautiful Mess from a teen fashion magazine I bought recently. I was going to share the full story here but I’m afraid its number of words may spoil the space – about three teens that showed how growing up in a broken family does not necessarily translate to living a broken life. I know it sounds ordinary with some people we know of having the same experience but the ideas being expressed in the story from how things fell apart, the road to healing to moving forward are just something I can confidently say any reader will admire.

Well, how are we supposed to deal with our parents having constant conflicts anyway?

When mom and dad are on an endless shouting match, here are things to do:

1. Know that disagreement is normal. Acknowledge that arguments will inevitably be part of any relationship.
2. Be honest. If you think the fighting goes overboard, let your parents know that seeing or hearing them fight is already taking an emotional toll on you.
3. Seek help. Let your other relatives, a guidance counselor, or a trusted adult know the situation at home. They can protect you from your parents’ prolonged, harmful verbal fighting.
4. Don’t be an emotional junkie. It seems hard not to be. However, you may feel angry, frustrated and hurt, but don’t fall into the trap of dwelling on these emotions by yourself.
5. Have a heart-to-heart talk. You may think your parents’ conflicts are none of your business, but you can find the perfect timing to express statements of affection and offer suggestions for compromise.

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