Trivia: IBT, A New Year Blog

December 31, 2011

I can’t believe in few hours another year has to close to make way for a brand new 2012. Time is indeed precious. But this time before letting go off 2011 as we know we all shall or ought to, I want to tell you something I’ve never blogged about before.

Inspired to do something new on a brand new year, did you know that this page was born on New Year’s day in 2008? Following the existence of my first and the mother of all my blogs in 2007 is this page dwelled at Blogger platform with it’s original name Peaceful Mind. So technically speaking, this blog will be turning 4 real soon. :D

Two years later, from Blogger platform I have successfully migrated the page along with all of its contents (from blog posts, comments to blogroll and other sidebar elements) to Wordpress with the help and mighty convincing power of some of my blogging friends. Along with that change also comes a new address and a new name. The then Peaceful Mind has been renamed and is later called I blog Today. Again that made this page a mother of all my Wordpress blogs. :)

From a personal niche, now I am kind of shaping it more into a family and parenting blog.

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  1. Thanks for indrotucing a little rationality into this debate.